Wednesday, December 12, 2007

First commercial done and sold!

Hurraaay, our deal is now secured with our client (we will disclose later who it actually is, and post a link to the commercial).

This is great, because now we can prepare submitting it to the festival scene next year.

We know we will go for the grand Cannes Lions and probably also the Clio Awards and the London International Awards.

We are really excited about this because we believe our film bring with it a style and way of communicating that sets it apart from most of the rather flashy commercial work seen today.

So if we get nominated and eventhough we might not win anything, we hope that our film can create a buzz.

More will follow!


Christian said...

Good news indeed! Congratulations.

Rasmus Hoejengaard said...

Hi Christian!

Thank you for that!

We are currently working on a more ambitious commercial - primarely made up of virtual sets and 3D components. I will make a post in the near future with details about this commercial, as well as leaking some info on a feature film project we are working in.


Michael Heilemann said...

Congratulations are indeed in order.

Rasmus Hoejengaard said...

Thanks Heilemaestro =)

In the near future, I will post a link to the commercial we sold to the American organisation "Surfrider Foundation". I just need to run it by them first!