Monday, November 12, 2007

The three Saboteurs

This month is a grand month for 3 guys from Copenhagen and Los Angeles. A new Business venture has been realized:

Here's a picture of the rest of the gang. From left Peter Gornstein and Ivo Horvat.

We are formalizing a new business venture! A full service motion picture production company - Saboteur Inc.

We think the time is right to create a lean, mean production company - with all the AAA qualities but a lot more cost efficient and client communication made easier.

We already sealed our first deal with a client - not even a month into the life of Saboteur Inc, so the future looks bright indeed.

From here on, this Blog will act as a informal communication pipeline on how things are progressing.

Also I would like to ask you out there - is it possible to build a movie production company that is both highly commercial but serves human values and ethics as well as giving high production value??

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Timothy said...

Yes. It is ABSOLUTELY Possible!

Tim Douglas - Denver Colorado